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The 1/2" 3 way Ball valve is available in T-Port and L-Port configurations completing the range of Threaded Full Port Stainless Steel Ball Valves for Brewing. The T-Port is allows flow in all 3 ports or it allows Flow in two ports only. Where as the L-Port allows flow in a 2 directions in a L formation and it allows no flow at all . Making this a Specialized 1/2" SS Ball Valve necessary for anyone who wants to direct Flow in 3 lines.
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½” 3-Way Ball Valve (T-port) BV050-SS-3W
½” 3-Way Ball Valve (L-port) BV050-SS-3W-L
2" 3 Way Ball Valve with T Port 2" 3 Way Ball Valve with T Port
The 3 Way 1/2" Stainless Steel ball valve can now considered a Homebrew Ball Valve since its increase in usage among Home brewers. These Brewing Ball Valves allow the home brewer to direct Flow to multiple locations.
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