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2-Piece Ball Valves - Heavy

The most widly used 2 Piece Ball Valve. Used a in almost any application where flow needs to be controlled by a simple on/off flow action. Having a larger handle and being heavier in weight than the Compact Ball Valve, makes this the premier choice in 2 piece Stainless Ball valves.

- 1000 PSI
- Full Port
- Cast in SS316

Grouped product items
Product Name Size Price Qty
1/4" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV025-SS-2
3/8" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV0375-SS-2
1/2" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV050-SS-2
3/4" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV075-SS-2
1" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV100-SS-2
1 1/4" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV125-SS-2
1 1/2" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV150-SS-2
2" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV200-SS-2
2" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV250-SS-2
3" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV300-SS-2
4" 2-Piece Ball Valve BV400-SS-2

The Main Features of a Two Piece Ball Valve

  • The most popular stainless steel ball valve used in any application where flow is to be controlled.
  • This Valve has the Longer Handle, with Handle Locks. 
  • A Threaded Ball Valve with Female NPT threads on both ends.
  • Rated at 1000 PSI, and are WOG stamped (Water, Oil, Gas) . 
  • Designed with a full port (Full Bore), resulting in minimum pressure drop and minumim affect of flow rate.
  • These 2 piece stainless steel ball valves are made using high grade 316 stainless steel.

Material List for Stainless Steel 2 Piece Ball Valves 


Dimensions for 2 Piece Ball Valves 

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