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2-Piece Ball Valves

Perfect for applications where tight space is a concern. These Compact 2 piece ball valves have a slightly shorter body and handle compared to the standard version. Being Slightly lighter in weight they also make for a good budget alternative. They have the same Specs as the Standard Ball Valve (1000 PSI WOG). Available in the better priced Stainless Steel 304.

- 1000 PSI
- Full Port
- Cast in SS316

Grouped product items
Product Name Size Price Qty
1/4" Ball Valve BV025-SS-2-C
1/4" Ball Valve BV025-SS-2-C-304
3/8" Ball Valve BV0375-SS-2-C
3/8" Ball Valve BV0375-SS-2-C-304
1/2" Ball Valve BV050-SS-2-C
1/2" Ball Valve BV050-SS-2-C-304
3/4" Ball Valve BV075-SS-2-C
3/4" Ball Valve BV075-SS-2-C-304
1" Ball Valve BV100-SS-2-C
1" Ball Valve BV100-SS-2-C-304
1 1/4" Ball Valve BV125-SS-2-C
1 1/4" Ball Valve BV125-SS-2-C-304
1 1/2" Ball Valve BV150-SS-2-C
1 1/2" Ball Valve BV150-SS-2-C-304
2" Ball Valve BV200-SS-2-C
2" Ball Valve BV200-SS-2-C-304
2 1/2" Ball Valve BV250-SS-2-C
2 1/2" Ball Valve BV250-SS-2-C-304
3" Ball Valve BV300-SS-2-C
3" Ball Valve BV300-SS-2-C-304
4" Ball Valve BV400-SS-2-C
4" Ball Valve BV400-SS-2-C-304

The main advantages of the compact version:
Being compact they are ideal for applications with limited space and are widely used by OEM's due to their better price.
The specifications are the same as the standard heavier version. (1000 PSI)
They are also a great alternative for brass ball valves, since they are close in price, however, the main advantage is that they are cleaner and more chemical resistant.

The difference between the compact and regular:
The compact 2-piece ball valve is designed and manufactured to be a cost effective alternative and is ideal for users looking for a space-saving option for their application. Where the compact 2 piece valve differs from the standard version is in the shorter handle, the slightly shorter valve body length, and fractionally smaller external diameter. The interior specifications remain the same as our standard stainless steel two piece ball valve and so do the pressure ratings and Specs.

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