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3-Way Ball Valves

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3-Way Ball Valves

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3-way ball valves cast in SS 316. Available in both configurations below:
-T-Port (Mixing valves)

3-Way Ball Valves

½” 3-Way Ball Valve (T-port)

3-Way Ball Valves

½” 3-Way Ball Valve (L-port)

3-Way Ball Valves

2" 3-Way Ball Valve (T-port)

3-Way Ball Valves

2" 3-Way Ball Valve (L-Port)



Three Way Ball Valves
  • A 3-way ball valve has 3 ports, and is available in T-Port and L-Port Varieties depending on what flow pattern in required.
  • A 3 way valve is ideal if you are looking for a way to divert and control flow without the need for a Tee and multiple valves.
  • These valves can be used as diverters, where flow from one inlet can be diverted to either of the two outlets.
  • They can also be used as input selector where the outlet is fed from either of the other two ports.
  • Great for mixing fluids since you can merge two inlets into a single outlet. (Also called Mixing Ball Valves)
  • The opposite flow direction is also possible which allows a single source to divert flow in two directions simultanously .
  • T-Port Ball valves can also be use to flow between just two ports, either to the left, to the right or straight though.
  • The L-port design allows you to direct flow in one direction at a time.
  • From one inlet you can direct flow into two different outlets.
  • Or from the opposite flow direction, for one outlet the user can choose from either of two inlets.