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Specifications & Applications of a 2 Piece Ball Valve

The variety of uses for Stainless ball valves in industry are vast but it all breaks down to controlling the flow of liquid through vessels, piping or tubing. A 2 piece ball valve is a simple device, consisting of a stainless steel ball with a hole through the center and with a slot machined in the top of the ball. The handle on the exterior of the valve turns the ball via the slot in the top of the ball, and the hole through the ball allows the fluid to move through the valve in one direction. The exterior is simple and intuitive, when the handle is perpendicular to the flow, the flow is stopped, and when the handle is aligned to the flow, the valve is open and fluid is able to flow.

2pc Stainless ball valves can be attached to metal pipes via threading or welding in place, and to flexible hoses through a variety of hose fittings. The type of valve you need is dictated by the liquid or material flowing through it, and by the pressure and temperature of the liquids and materials are being pumped. Some valves can even handle as much as 2000 PSI at temperatures up to 500F.

Stainless steel ball valves in 316 stainless steel are excellent for almost every type of operation. The alloy is resistant to high temperatures, general corrosion, pitting, and acid corrosion from a variety of acids including sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. With a variety of fittings available, SS ball valves can be put into operation easily, and can work for extended periods in industries such as pulp and paper, construction, fuel and oil, water and waste and petrochemical processing, where regular cleaning is not required. Don’t let old and deteriorating valves endanger your staff or your business, think about refurbishing your system today!

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