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Indicators of a Trustworthy Supplier of Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Online, you can track down just about any product to fit your specifications. A quick search of stainless steel ball valves alone churns up dozens of suppliers displaying wares of all imaginable types to choose from.

Once you find the valve you are looking for and that is often your offered on several different websites, how do you choose the company that will provide you not only the best quality at the best price but also the best possible service?

Cutting Out the Middleman

Most suppliers' websites say that they are trustworthy and reputable suppliers of SS ball valves. That may seem like a rather obvious statement, but what to look for may not be so apparent.

First, consider how the webpage is organized. This will indicate if you are purchasing from an online store or directly from a supplier. If the website displays tabs for many different product categories, the company does not specialize in your part and is likely to have obtained the product from a wholesale supplier. To get the best price, you may want to cut out the retail middleman and track down the wholesale supplier yourself.

Specialized stainless steel ball valve suppliers will deal mainly in ball valves and their related products. The website will therefore display a specialized product line supported by good service dedicated to stainless steel ball valves. Reputable and trustworthy suppliers should be able to work directly with you and advise you on your application's specifications. A highly trained salesperson will consult with you and discuss your needs to amend eliminate any errors and problems before they arise. The warehouse will be well stocked and your order will be dispatched the same day.

Read through the “About Us” webpage, if you would like to learn more about the company's history, policies and available resources. Contact information for phone and email should also be displayed

Making Your Choice

Filtering through online searches can be time-consuming as well as overwhelming. As you make your comparisons, run down this checklist:

  • Does the supplier carry the specific stainless steel ball valve needed?
  • Is the supplier a retailer or wholesaler?
  • What is the size and scope of the company's inventory?
  • Does the company practice same-day service?
  • Is consultation available?
  • Does the company have knowledge or experience with the intended application or industry?
  • Can the inventory support the full order?
  • What about price?

With ball valves ranging from under $5 to over $400, price plays a significant role in decision making. Ordering directly from reputable stainless steel ball valve suppliers gives you wholesale pricing for quality product and is a first step in completing your project with confidence and quality.

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