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A Common SS Ball Valve For Industrial Application

Ball valves have many applications and users for a number of reasons - They are inexpensive, easy to use, easy to clean, and keep the product free from contamination. But just because they are simple pieces of equipment, doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful for a variety of industrial uses. The type of valve you choose will depend on your specific industry and what you most need from it. Some examples are as follows:

Two piece valve: A simple but effective design including an on-off position for controlling liquid flow. It tends to be the valve of choice for many factories, and other industries which involve liquids, such as energy production, and by engineers. The only downside is that it is a little more difficult to disassemble and clean than a 3 piece SS ball valve.

Three piece valve: Works in a very similar way to the two piece valve, but is easier to disassemble and clean. This is particularly important if your product needs to be free from contamination, and this is why it is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Tri clamp ball valve: Much like the other two types of valve, with additional versatility and durability. It is a favorite amongst professional brewers and the food and beverage industry in general.

½ inch ball valve: Also commonly referred to as a brewing ball valve. This one is somewhat smaller and more light weight than others and easy to use, making it particularly economical. While it is most commonly associated and used for home brewing, it can still be useful in certain industries.

No matter what type of valve you choose, be sure to pick one which uses stainless steel rather than brass or any other metal. This is because steel is resistant to corrosion, whereas brass isn’t. Home brewers choose steel to reduce the amount of contamination in their beer, and because it lasts longer without needing to be replaced. The same should be applied for industrial applications too.

If you are looking for a brewing ball valve for your professional workplace, it is worth thinking about how home brewers choose their valves and why they are useful to them, as many of the basic principles will be the same. You can check our full list of products and their exact specifications to decide for yourself which one is right for your job and budget.

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