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Tri-Clamp/Tri-Clover Fittings

How Does a Tri-Clamp/Tri-Clover Fitting Work?

3 parts are required to make a Sanitary Clamp. Two Ferrules (Or Tri-Clamp Flange), one clamp and one gasket. The clamp holds the two fittings together and forms a seal as it compresses them on the gasket. The clamp is easy to connect and disconnect and no tooling is required. This allows for easy dis-assembly so that deep cleaning or servicing can take place. The tri-clover fitting is designed to be a straight through fittings that keep the ID of the Pipe Constant. It Is also suitable for CIP (Clean In Place) allowing you to keep the system connected and to run a cleaning solution through. The ease of use of these Fittings has in recent years increased their popularity among Home Brewers.

Tri-Clamp Valves

What makes a valve a Tri-Clamp compatible is the flanged Ends. Ball valves with TC ends are still the most Popular with Home brewers and some microbreweries due to their better price and similar function. We have also brought in a EZ Clean or Quick Clean Ball valve that has a Tri-clamp in the center of the valve body. This allows direct access to the center of the ball and seats. Butterfly Valves, both Squeeze Trigger and Pull Trigger, are widely used in Commercial Breweries, Wineries, Maple Manufacturers and Dairies as well as general Food And Beverage applications. The advantage of Tri-Clover Valves is that they can easily be removed from the Process line, cleaned and replaced without affecting the whole system.


Where are Tri-Clamp Compatible Valves Used?

Almost Exclusively in Food & Beverage markets whenever food contents are moved in pipes, tubes or hose and a simple on/off Flow is required. This includes a variety of beverages, Dairy’s, Wineries, Commercial and Micro Breweries and most recently on the Home Brew Industry. Homebrewers use Tri-Clamp by Threads to make regular NPT Fittings Tri-Clamp Compatible. Although threads don’t allow for a purely sanitary connection, they are still used in Home Brew because they are easy to make study, quick connections.

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