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Brass Ball Valves VS Stainless Ball Valves

Brass Ball valves have long been the most popular 2 piece Valve used by the Fuel and Oil Industry, construction and many other sectors that just require a simple cost effective way to shut off flow.

The draw backs with brass is many manufacturers still used lead, which make these valves unsuitable for certain applications like drinking water. In the Past Brass was better priced than Stainless however recently this has changed, leaving little or no benefit to using brass over Stainless Valves.

SS Valves

Our Stainless Ball Valves are Cleaner and better priced than their Brass counter parts. They are lighter, stronger and have a better specifications rating. All our Valves are rated to 1000 PSI WOG. All industries can benefit from these valves most importantly dues to their better price. The real advantage of Stainless is that it can be also be used in the Food and beverage and chemical industry markets as well as the rest of the industries where flow needs to be controlled.

Compact Valves

We have 2 products when it comes to the 2 piece valve, the standard version and the compact version. Both of these have the same Specifications 1000 PSI WOG (Water, Oil, Gas) however the compact Valve is lighted in weight and is a little smaller.

The standard version is the part we sell to hardware stores and the Compact version is what we use to compete with brass ball valves. Being Stronger, lighter, cleaner and more cost effective, there is really no reason why SS Ball Valve’s will not take over the market share.

Better than Brass Ball Valves.

If for some reason these are not better priced than your current brass valves for any of the sizes we offer, please contact us for special pricing. We also have special distributor pricing for OEM’s and Re-sellers  who order routinely. Our Two Piece Valves are manufactured from top Quality SS316.

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