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Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Valves are used in many industries with the aim of regulating the flow, pressure of the system and preventing backflow.There are so many ball valves that differ by their design and the brands so it becomes difficult to choose the right one. It may be overwhelming with so many options but do not worry, here is some useful information that will help you choose the right product.


Determine the function

What can be done by a SS ball valve cannot be done by a Y-type valve and so on. Ensure that you get a valve that is designed for the purpose you intend to use it for. To determine the right valve, ask yourself the following questions. Is the valve normally closed or open? Does the valve start or stop the flow or does it regulate it? Does the valve control the pressure of the system? Is it 2-way or 3-way? Once you have determined the function of the valve it is easy to find the right one. There are many tri clover valves that are designed for different purposes. You will surely find a suitable one as per your needs.

What is the flow media?

What media will you be pumping, liquid or gas? Is it corrosive or abrasive? All these issues are extremely important in determining the valve that would be the most suitable. It will determine whether the material used to make the valve is suitable or not, this is because chemical reactions can occur between the fluid and the valve material. Capacity also matters. Some valves like the globe are more limiting to production than others (butterfly or ball valves).

The flow through of the valve also needs to be calculated and you need to ensure that it is enough for your particular needs. The valve flow is the value that combines all flow restrictions and gives their measure. Note that the formula used to calculate the valve flow for liquids and solids are different. This is because gases are compressible while liquids are not. Tri Clover valves come with different valve flow values. Be sure to look for this value before you buy.

The working conditions where the valve will be placed

Consider where the valve will be fitted. Get a valve that fits well with the other components used in the manufacturing system. Also, the temperatures at which the valve will be kept should be right for the material used to make the valve. The valve should be able to withstand the temperatures and pressure at which it will be used.

Purchase and maintenance cost

The initial cost of a valve should be affordable but the cost considerations do not stop there. Consider the cost that will go into the cleaning, maintenance and repair of the valves. Only buy a valve that will not be too costly to purchase and maintain.

With the above considerations in mind go ahead and look for the right valve for your machine. Remember that a valve is extremely important and hence getting it right is crucial. It will determine how effective the processes you undertake are. With a good valve you can improve production while reducing spills of important fluids.

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