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3 Strong Reasons to Use Tri Clover Valves for a Brewing Process

When it is crucial to maintain perfect hygiene and sanitation in the commercial brewing processes, the brewers prefer using the tri-clamp fittings. They ensure a flawless brewing process by maintaining the ease of cleaning. The standard tri-clamp or tri clover fittings are simple to install and easy to clean in place. They are a small component that plays a vital role in the perfect brewing. The most important feature of these fittings is their design that makes them suitable to be cleaned in place. You should prefer buying the fittings that comply with 3A standards and have the required technical specifications. If you are still unsure of using them in your brewing process, here are given three solid reasons to convince you:

1. They are Super Easy to Clean:

A sanitary installation can enhance the taste of the entire batch. It makes tri-clamp fittings a preferred choice for the seasoned brewers and amateurs alike. They have no nooks and pockets. Hence, it is easy to clean these fittings. Typically, the tri-clover are the 2-piece ball valves that are polished and have a smooth surface finish. Moreover, there is a tri-clamp along the joint on the valve body. This clamp can be easily taken apart for cleaning after preparing every batch.


2. Standardized Design:

The design of the tri-clamp fittings conforms to the internally accepted 3A standards. The regulations in these standards pertain to the precision and features to be integrated into the design of the fittings for making them suitable for making the sanitary connections. As per 3A standards, it is mandatory that the tri clover fittings shouldn’t have any exposed threaded connections.

Rather, they have a gasket seal to make the tight connections with the threaded fittings as well. These standards do not allow connections between tri-clamps and NPT. There is one more essential requirement specified in these standards. It says that any sudden changes shouldn’t be made to the internal diameter of the fittings. Instead, they can be made with a reducing fitting having a gradual taper between two diameters to reduce the pipe requirements.

3. Stainless Steel Valves are Perfect for Brewing:

In a commercial brewing process, you need strong and durable fittings that can withstand the variations in the operating parameters. Tri-clamp fittings made from the high-grade 316-stainless steel are a viable choice for such operations. they are strong against the high temperatures and chemically inert. These fittings can withstand wear and tear during the brewing process. They are made with traditional investment casting method that enhances their strength and grain structure. There is a seal or gasket for leak protection. The stem of the handle is blow-out proof.

These are three main reasons that make tri-clamp fittings a preferred option for the commercial breweries.

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