Stainless Steel Camlocks

Our Stainless Steel Camlock Fittings are a perfect complement to our Stainless Steel Ball Valves. These Stainless Cam and Groove Fittings can screw directly into the Stainless Ball Valves facilitating and easy connection to a pipe or hose. Stainless Camlock Fittings are the most popular Quick Disconnect in the Market. Stainless Cam and Groove Couplings are also called Stainless Camlock Couplings and are made in Stainless Steel 316.

  • A full range of Stainless Steel Camlock Fittings from 1/2" up to 6"
  • Our Camlock Couplers are manufactured in accordance with Mil Spec
  • The easiest way to connect Pipes and Hose
  • Gaskets for Chemical and High Heat Applications Available
  • Also called Stainless Steel Camlocks or Stainless Camlock Fittings
  • Pro Flow Camlock Fittings are Manufactured in SS 316 and SS 304


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  1. Type DA Camlock Reducer
    Camlock Reducer

    Starting at $19.80

  2. Buna-Nitrile Camlock Gasket
    Buna -N Gaskets

    Starting at $0.12

  3. EPDM Camlock Gasket
    EPDM Gasket

    Starting at $0.19

  4. Viton Camlock Gasket
    Viton Gasket

    Starting at $1.05

  5. Silicone Camlock Gasket
    Silicone Gasket

    Starting at $0.39

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