Quick Clean Tri-Clamp Ball Valves

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Quick Clean Tri-Clamp Ball Valves
EZ Clean Tri-Clover ball valve cast in 304 SS
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¾” Tri-Clamp by ¾” Valve BV075-EZ
1 ½” Tri-Clamp by ¾” Valve BV150/075-EZ
1 ½” Tri-Clamp by 1" Valve BV150/100-EZ
1 ½” Tri-Clamp by 1 ½” Valve BV150-EZ
  • The Quick Clean Tri-Clamp Ball Valve is a 2-piece tri-clamp ball valve with a Tri-Clamp in the body of the valve. 
  • When this Tri-Clamp in the valve body is loosened and removed, the quick clean ball valve can now be easily be separated for a easy cleaning or servicing.Also 
  • Also called EZ clean ball valves they have Tri-Clamp connections on both ends, Usually 1.5" however there is a 3/4" TC End now available. 
  • The EZ Clean Ball Valve is often preferred above the 3 piece ball valves because of their ease of cleaning since they can be dissembled without any tools.

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