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Stainless Steel Ball Valve Specifications and Features

Our 2 piece and 3 piece Stainless  Ball Valves can be used in place of Discover Valve, Jomar Valve , Nibco Valves , Direct Material Ball Valves, Duda Diesel Ball valves, Apollo valves, and the ones found in any hardware store like Grainger.

Technical Information and Specifications of 2 piece ball valve and a 3 piece Ball Valve

Valves are sized according to the size of the pipe or thread that they conform to. So a threaded ball valve with 2" threads will be classified as a 2" Valve and so on.

How a Ball Valve Works:

A ball valve can be considered a quarter turn ball valve which makes use of a bored ball that pivots in a seat to control flow. This hollow ball has been bored to a particular sized pipe's ID, running straight through it. When this hollow bore is lined up with the pipe, then It is open and flow is permitted. When this hollow bore is turned 90 degrees by the handle, it is closed and flow stops. When the valve handle is in line with the pipe, the flow is open, and when the handle is at 90 degrees to the pipe, then the flow is closed. Stainless Steel valves are reliable since they can be used repeatedly opening and closing flow many times, with no effect on performance. Even after extensive periods of not being used they close securely.

Working Pressure (PSI)

Rated at 1000 psi PN63, these SS Ball Valves are perfect for everyday use in almost all industries. They work well in conjunction with Camlock fittings and Couplings.

1000 WOG (water, oil, gas)

WOG stands for water, oil and gas. These Stainless Ball valves are suitable for all material compatible with stainless Steel and PTFE which covers a wide range. Including among others water, oils, gas (air), alcohol, fuels, and light acids and alkali’s.

Seals (PTFE)

The main Seat seal is Teflon (PTFE) making the SS Ball Valve Chemical and heat resistant. All the 3 seals near the handle are also PTEF including the Stem Packing Seal, the Stem Seal and the body seal.

Threaded Valve

Our stainless steel threaded ball valve is manufactured with Female NPT Threads on either end. As with all NPT threads they are designed to seal when threaded to a pipe. Other ends are available on request, such as Male NPT Threads or stainless steel flanged ball valves.

Full Port Valve

In Full port ball valves the pipe diameter is kept constant throughout the length of the valve, where the ID of the bore is equal to the ID of the Pipe. This means that there is no flow restriction resulting in a constant flow rate. Also referred to as full bore valves ,the major benefits are the reduction of cavitation and pressure drop.


Stainless Steel Ball Valves are investment cast and the casting is approved AD2000-WO. All Wetted Parts of the Ball Valve is Stainless Steel 316. Investment casting results in a durable product that can funtion repeateldy even after years of no use.

Valve Handle

All valve handles are 304 Stainless Steel with a plastic cover. The stem handle has an Anti-Blow-out Design. When the handle is aligned with the valve, then Flow is open and when the handle is perpendicular, flow is closed.

Handle Locking Device

The lock that enables the valve handle to be locked in place once closed is manufactured from SS304 and supplied standard with every Valve. Care has to be taken to lift this locking device up before opening the handle or else it will not move.

Approvals and Inspection Tests

PED97/23/EC (CE0035 approved) AP1598; EN12266 inspection tests. The Treads have the following Approvals ASME B1.20.1 BS21 DIN299/259; ISO228-1; JIS B0203; ISO7/1.

 Stainless Steel 2 Piece Ball Valve - Material List

All parts of the stainless valve that come into contact with the substance being moved is SS 316. This means that all liquids and gasses that are chemically compatable with SS316 and Teflon (PTFE), can be used. the body is designed to be robust. Even after long periods of not being used their performance remains uneffected.

2 Stainless Steel Ball Valve - General Dimensions


Also refered to as a two-way ball valve, it allows flow straight through from inlet to outlet. The 2 piece SS Ball valve has only one body joint, this makes it easier to clean than the one piece valves. Being made out of two pieces it allows a larger ball to be installed making this a full bore ball valve. 2 piece ball valves are probably the most widely used in all general industries due to there ease of use, low cost and durability.  They require no tooling and can thread directly onto the pipe.

 Stainless Steel 3 Piece Ball Valve - Material List

The three piece valve can be taken apart for easy cleaning. By loosening the 4 bolts the body divides into 3 parts. A good benefit of the 3 piece SS ball valve is that the ends can be left threaded in the pipe line, and the middle part can be easily removed. Used in applications where cleaning and sevicing is required, this is why they are extensively used in food and beverage applications where ever flow needs to be controlled. 

3 Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve - General Dimensions

Note: Dimensions are typical and can vary. If dimensions need to be exact we suggest that you contact us for more detailed information.

The difference between a 2 Piece ball valve and a 3 Piece Ball Valve.

Both two piece and three piece valves function in much the same way with the only difference in the ease of cleaning, the two piece ball valve can be un-threaded on one side and taken apart for servicing. The 3 piece SS ball valve is held together by 4-6 bolts, which can be removed for easy cleaning. The great advantage of the 3 Piece Valve is that the threaded ends can be left attached to the pipe and the center piece containing the hollow ball can be easily removed. The two piece valve will have to be removed from the pipe and screwed open using a wrench.

Applications in Industry

Suitable for almost all industries that use liquids or gases. Below are some examples where ball valve stainless steel are used:


In the production of paints, dyes and inks hoses are frequently changed in order to find the correct mix. Every time a hose is changed the flow has to be stopped by means of a valve and stainless steel has a good compatability with most paints.

The Agriculture Industry

Polypropylene is generally used since it is resistant to many acids. However in certain applications where more durable equipment is needed, stainless valves will work well.

Fuel and Oil

In almost all Fuel and Oil applications flow has to be controlled. Typically Brass Ball Valves are used with Camlock couplings, however with the relative decrease in the price of stainless steel, SS Ball Valves are becoming more popular in this industry.

Other applications for a stainless steel ball valve are for storage, transmission, the processing of gas and so forth. 


Our stainless valves can be used in any application that has threaded ends. We can manufacture Flanged ends and butt weld ends on request. Being made from Stainless Steel they are Suitable for a wide variety of applications since they are easy to use, durable, and no tools are required for operations. With Stainless Steel becoming better priced than brass the ball valve stainless steel is fast becoming the best priced option. We aim to keep our quality products in line with the industry standard with affordable prices to the end user and very good prices to re-sellers.

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