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Tri-Clamp Valves

Tri-clamp valves are commonly used food and beverage manufacturing. Often, you will find them utilized in dairy farms, food and beverage processing plants, wineries, breweries and homebrew operations. Commonly referred to as tri-clover valves, they typically utilize a ball valve or butterfly valve to open and shut off flow. Tri-clover ball valves are 2-piece valves. They have tri-clamp ends for a sanitary connection and polished to a smooth finish. These include the easy clean (EZ Clean), or quick clean, ball valves which have become popular brewery valves. Since they have a tri-clamp along the valve body joint, it can be taken apart for easy cleaning. The tri-clover butterfly valve is more popular in commercial breweries and includes the squeeze trigger, and pull trigger, types. Our premium tri-clamp ball valves and butterfly valves will allow you to control flow, and maintain sanitation standards, no matter the size of the operation.

  • Tri-Clover Ends for Sanitary Connection with Clamp and Gasket
  • Butterfly Valves and Full Port Tri-Clamp Ball Valves
  • Widely used in Breweries, Wineries and with Home Brewers
  • Silicon Seals Ideal for Food Grade Applications
  • Sanitary Valves polished to a mirror finish
  • Available Sizes 1.5" up to 2"
  • Click here for Tri-Clamp Valves Specifications and Features