3 Piece Ball Valve - Specifications & Features

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3 Piece Ball Valve - Features

  • Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Suitable Mediums: WOG (Water,Oil and Gas etc...)
  • Temperature: Rated from -25 up to 356 degrees (Fahrenheit)
  • Port: Full Bore Ball Valve (Full Port, ID of pipe remains constant)
  • Handle Stem: The stem holding the handle is designed to be blow-out proof
  • Locking Device: Locking Handle Device, can be locked in the open or closed position (Can be removed)
  • Threads: Female NPT Thread on inlet/outlet (National Pipe Thread) 
  • Dimention Standards: ASME B1.20.1 BS21 DIN 299/259,ISO228-1, JIS B 0203, ISO7/1
  • Casting: Investment Cast
  • Cast Approved: According to AD2000-WO
  • Inspection Test: According to API598, EN12266
  • Design and manufacture: CE0035 Approved (PED97/23/EC) 

The three piece ball valve has two body joints which means the body is made out of of three pieces, giving rise to the name “three piece. This 3 piece body design allows a larger ball to be installed at the time of manufacture, making this a full bore ball valve (Full port) . Full port means that the bore has the same inside diameter as the piping. This means is that pressure drop is kept to a minumum and flow rate is unaffected. The flow rate can be regulated by partially opening or closing the valve, refered to as throttling. Being threaded they are quick to install to and easy to use. Their best feature is that they are the easiest ball valve to clean and service and this can be done without removeing the threaded ends from the pipe.

3 Piece Stainless Ball Valve - list of Materials

  • All internal parts that come into contact with the liquid being transported is 316 stainless Steel 
  • The Seals and Seats are PTFE (Teflon), making this 3 piece SS ball valve suitable for any medium that is compatable with PTFE (Teflon) and Stainless Steel.
  • CF8M is the modification made to the CF8 Alloy which makes CF8/CF8M equivalent to Stainless Steel 316.
  • This Ball valve is Chemical and heat resistant making it suitable for CIP (Clean In Place) procedures.
  • The Valve is sized according to the pipe size, hence a 2" pipe will require a 2" Valve. 
  • Female NPT threaded ends for quick connection to any pipe with Male Threaded ends. (No Tools required for installation.)
  • The center portion containing the ball valve can be removed leaving the threaded ends connected to the pipe, for easy servicing and cleaning. (4 bolts hold the 3 valve body pieces together.)

3 Piece Stainless Valve that's Built to Last

The 3 piece SS ball valve is manufactured from premium grade stainless steel 316, ensuring that it remains incredibly strong, chemically inert, as well as being immune to rust. Available standard with a blow-out proof Stem, these Full Port Ball Valves are Able to perform well in a number of challenging environments, including high temperature and pressure situations up to 1000 PSI, Making these 3 pc stainless steel ball valves the preferred option.

Three Piece Ball Valves that Disassembles Completely

Regardless of the liquid that passes through the valve, at some point cleaning will be required. One of the major advantages of our 3 SS Ball Valve is that it can be easily and quickly stripped down to its component parts. Each part can then be cleaned separately and thoroughly before the unit is put back together again. This allows every trace of residue and debris to be removed, ensuring a clean and reliable performance.

Leading Provider of 3 Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valves

We are a successful business that supplies a wide variety of 3 stainless steel ball valves to a variety of different industries across the U.S. Our stock levels are always high, good enabling us to supply most valves as ordered. We can special order larger quantities as well as specialized Ball valves. We always offer an exceptional level of customer service while keeping our prices low. To find out more about our 3 piece stainless steel valve or other valves from our collection, call us at (844) 664-8043

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